Competition will have managed print providers demonstrating real cost savings

Managed printIn the tech-heavy world of a modern office, there has been a gradual progression toward a paper free working environment.  However, with each passing year, it is becoming clearer that the workplaces of the future will not feel compelled to make a choice between paper and digital media.  Instead, companies of all sizes will combine the two, enjoying the best of both worlds.  Looking at 2014, the most productive offices will be those that reduce extraneous paper processes and in doing so, streamline their printing budget.

Over the coming 12 months, competition will heat up in the managed print services (MPS) industry, with a number of providers aiming to amass an ever greater client base.  In order to be successful, vendors will have to show customers how they can save money and benefit from an intelligent solution to their printing requirements.  This should include robust security measures, compatibility with the cloud and an environmentally-friendly approach.

The New Year is also likely to see a change of attitude amongst SMBs to the use of managed print services.  It is in these grassroots enterprises that printing still has a significant role to play in the day-to-day running of an office.  However, many purchasing decision-makers remain stuck in a more costly cycle of paying for their supplies, maintenance and hardware, on an ad hoc basis.

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The alternative is to adopt a more organized approach and take on a contract that addresses their specific needs.  After undergoing a thorough analysis and a review of their current business practices, a company can rely on an MPS to monitor their workflow effectively, manage their content and help increase productivity.  As the MPS market continues to expand, customers can look forward to innovative solutions, providing the opportunity for more efficient systems and reduced printing costs.

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