managed servicesManufacturing operations rely on IT for just about everything. When you have machines doing your work, you rely on other machines to control them. IT is part of production, logisitics, supply chain, customer interaction, and more. If it’s a large organization, as manufacturing companies tend to be, there will likely be multiple locations as well and the data needs to be available between them. Focusing on making your widget while also ensuring all that critical IT is running effectively is a daunting task. Taking advantage of managed services can help. Here’s how.

    • Focus on the Future.As a manufacturing company, you likely already have an in-house IT staff, so why would you outsource any IT function? Because your team spends more time fire fighting than proactively working on the next big thing. It’s generally accepted that an IT person spends half their time dealing with printer-related issues. The next big chunk is spent on OE-related issues (that’s Operator Error).If you have an IT expert on staff, did you hire them because they were great at fixing printers or rebooting the Wi-Fi? Probably not. But, those that understand how IT systems work tend to be targeted at every turn by users who aren’t tech savvy. Managed services can include network monitoring for connectivity issues, or print supply monitoring for when the toner runs low. Your IT team can get back to focusing on projects that will grow your revenue versus keeping you afloat.
    • Enabling a Cloud Shift.The cloud is where data processing is happening. If you are resisting it, you probably have a shelf full of VHS tapes somewhere too. It’s not a fad, it’s a better way to work. (Read this article for all the reasons why: 8 Ways a Complete Cloud Solution Wins) However, migrating your data and apps to the cloud can be time consuming and complex. A managed service provider (MSP) can ensure your cloud shift is effective and reduce the likelihood of downtime during the transition.
    • Active Monitoring and Reporting. When it comes to IT failures or maintenance, are you proactive or reactive? Actively monitoring the state of your IT can enable you to prevent downtime which can save your business money and prevent production delays. Regular maintenance and performance monitoring can also extend the life of your IT equipment. In manufacturing, it’s vital for you to oversee the performance of your production line, not the IT involved in it. An MSP can ensure you spend your time managing your production, not worrying about your hardware.
    • Data Security Threat Detection and Prevention. In today’s online world, data security breaches are a daily occurence. Do you have the resources to devote an in-house person to full-time cybersecurity? That’s what today’s business environment demands. An MSP can provide up-to-date protection and 24/7/365 detection and remediation of threats.

Managed IT service providers combine highly trained, qualified professionals with the advanced skills and experience to remotely monitor and manage IT infrastructures in the cloud or on a manufacturer’s premises. Many have the capability to manage infrastructure on a global scale, so that a manufacturer with international locations can benefit from consistent standards across all sites.

Great Lakes Computer is a trusted Managed IT Services Provider. We offer a range of managed services from network monitoring to cloud computing to managed print. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your IT is there to support your manufacturing operations.