PC's vs. the CloudThe PC has been a mainstay of the business world for decades, which is a rare feat in the frenetic world of technology hardware. Its form may have transitioned from towering desktops and chunky monitors to sleek, lightweight laptops, but the essence of the PC has remained intact for far longer than most pieces of tech that pre-date the internet era.

Along with in-house servers, PCs have likely served your business well, but it’s high time to explore how ditching your outdated IT infrastructure and moving all of your processes to a complete cloud platform can revolutionize your digital footprint. Companies offering complete cloud solutions, such as Avatara, a Great Lakes partner for their CompleteCloud solution, are showing businesses just how easy it can be to increase employee productivity, enhance data security, and reduce costs by hosting all of their IT operations safely and securely in the cloud.

Mobile is the Future

Telecommuting is becoming more prevalent in many different industries, and employees are increasingly working when they are traveling. They need to be able to have secure and reliable access to company data wherever they are, and with a cloud solution it’s easy for employees to stay connected all the time.

With mobile cloud technology, any employee can have 24/7 access to Virtual Windows and Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and any business apps that they need to get the job done. It will also be beneficial to your clients, as your sales team can give them quick and accurate answers to any questions they have instantly, even when they’re outside of the office.

Employee productivity in the contemporary business world relies heavily on mobile access, and it’s nearly impossible to achieve optimal results if your core business processes are chained to a PC. The cloud can free your employees to make things happen more quickly than ever before. For more informaiton about Cloud Computing:

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Enhanced security and disaster recovery

Data security is paramount to any company that has a digital presence, and your native IT department can only commit so many resources to ensuring that you are safe from data breaches and hackers. Cloud services companies pride themselves on offering robust security for their clients, and they have the economies of scale necessary to excel at it without passing on the high costs of safety.

When it comes to traditional IT infrastructure, disaster recovery has always been a difficult task. The ability to recover lost or stolen data has relied on the efficacy of servers and the quality and frequency of backups. Cloud software takes all of the worry out of disaster planning by incorporating complete, automatic data backups as standard procedure.

Cost Savings

IT infrastructure is often prohibitively expensive, requiring frequent upgrades and maintenance, as well as the physical space necessary for hardware and server storage. Cloud solutions allow you to forego unpredictable hardware costs altogether. Instead you will be charged for license agreements per authorized user. You’ll never have to pay for what you don’t need, and hidden fees and invoice surprises will be a thing of the past.