Print services boosted by mobile and cloud usage

cloud computingAs every experienced observer knows, print services are in the throes of a major transformation.  Along with other factors, the fall in popularity of desktop computers, has been widely felt in the industry.  However, it is possible that the recent downturn in productivity will soon be a thing of the past for companies who are prepared to adapt.  The increasing use of mobile devices across the business sector, coupled with a trend toward bring your own devices (BYOD) in the workplace, is creating a growth opportunity for managed print services.

Many organizations are looking for ways to economize their conventional printing techniques.  The costs and maintenance associated with ink, equipment and paper are something they wish to outsource, and so, they may look to managed print services.

The most entrepreneurial firms in the print solution industry will offer a wrap-around solution.  It will not only save businesses money and time, but also be incorporated into their cloud network.  Whether it is a public or private project, cloud computing is becoming the dominant force in how small or large companies are organizing their IT infrastructure.

The high degree of utility offered by the cloud means its users also have an expectation of connectedness from every aspect of their environment.  A print solution could offer integrated software that reflects the needs and workflow patterns of each individual client.

Richard Hutton is the director of channel marketing for the Enterprise Business Division at Samsung Electronics America Incorporated.  In a recent article, he suggested there could be a shift in the provision of IT services to include a printing solution.  “As MPS generates valuable sales lead data to expand mobility services, the proliferation and widespread adoption of mobile devices pave the way for IT service providers to incorporate mobile print applications into their portfolios,” he said.

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