Is it time to switch to VoIP?

IT support for phone systemsWe get a number of clients asking us when is the right time to throwout their PBX and transition to VoIP.  Whether they have grown as a company, or simply need the advanced features SIP brings, there are many compelling reasons to switch.  And now, with the Mobile VoIP features pushing more companies down this route, VoIP looks more attractive than ever.  BUT… what about the massive investment companies have made into their legacy PBX systems?

Nobody wants to throw away a system that still works, especially when so much money has been invested into it.  Plus, there are multiple options to integrate an existing Legacy PBX system with VoIP.  With all these options, however, the picture becomes not so clear as to what is the right path to take to transition.

I found this whitepaper today on WebBuyer’s Guide, and I thought it was worth sharing.  This is a bit outside of our normal content, but computer and network support almost always entails a discussion of voice traffic.  Great Lakes is ready to discuss with you your options and find the right fit for your company’s needs.

If It's Not Broke… What to Do With Your Legacy PBX System
If It’s Not Broke… What to Do With Your Legacy PBX System
As VoIP extends its reach into businesses, enterprises will benefit from migrating from their legacy PBX systems and realizing the cost savings and simplified management inherent in VoIP technology. The days of basic, old-fashioned voice/fax capabilities are long gone, now that IP-powered telephony has moved to the forefront. Read this white paper to learn how VoIP is taking over the PBX market, with its “secret weapons” of benefits for rich media, mobility, unified communications, and virtual workplaces.

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