cloud computingIt often seems like trends in the cloud computing industry change overnight. As enterprises increasingly embrace the cloud for a variety of core processes, the industry is shaped by new entrants and forced to adapt to what clients are looking for. Here are some of the trends driving cloud computing right now.

Renewed emphasis on security credentials
As more and more high-profile organizations fall victims to hacking attacks, consumers and businesses are taking a closer look at security protocols. Security has always been paramount for cloud services providers, as you’re unlikely to convince a customer to partner with you if they don’t trust their sensitive information to your security measures. As sensitive data increasingly migrates to digital storage, cloud computing companies must continue to prove their security credentials to all potential partners, and they must maintain an effort to keep up with the latest security practices.

Two-tier pricing environment
Cloud computing is incredibly scalable for many operations. However, that doesn’t mean that a one-price-fits-all strategy always makes sense. While the biggest players in the tech industry are gravitating to a higher pricing tier, room has opened for smaller organizations to provide hosting services at more affordable prices for those who wouldn’t be able to migrate to the cloud otherwise.

Organizations moving more of their operations to the cloud
Some organizations continue to employ a piecemeal strategy when it comes to adopting cloud services. This means that, for some companies that have already moved portions of their operations to the cloud, there is still room for them to discover how their other sectors can benefit from the cloud as well. They will likely continue to migrate more workloads to cloud services as they recognize that cost savings and increased productivity multiply as more operations are moved to the cloud.

Central IT in large enterprises are taking the lead on cloud adoption
Once upon a time, hosting companies counted only early adopters and small, tech-savvy operations among their clients. These companies were generally on the cutting edge of IT services and often unencumbered by the hurdles that stall change in larger organizations. As cloud computing moves into the mainstream, adoption is now increasingly being driven by the central IT departments of larger businesses.

Hybrid cloud computing continues to make inroads
It’s estimated that the majority of enterprises that employ cloud solutions rely on both public and private cloud organizations for various processes. While the quantitative total number of organizations using the cloud is higher for the public cloud, the private cloud takes the edge when it comes to number of functions running in the cloud.

Organizations of all different sizes and industries are discovering how cloud computing can transform their operations. Whether you’re looking to save money on your IT operations, take your company mobile, or take advantage of robust enterprise security measures, our cloud solution can revolutionize your core operations and simplify your data management.
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