bigstock-Printers-Computers-57625961.jpgWe often go through the work day without thinking about the thousands of ways that technology makes doing business easier, cheaper, and more productive. The times we do tend to notice the tech around us is when something fails, causing us to curse the hardware or software error that led to the shutdown.

It’s tempting to assume that you can wait until a problem occurs before taking action, but this usually leads to expensive emergency costs and lengthy downtime that kills productivity. By entering into a contract maintenance agreement with a trusted partner, you can stay prepared for any hardware problems and keep your operations running smoothly at all times.

In a technology driven environment, disruptions are increasingly costly

Disruptions in printer or PC performance can lead to protracted drops in productivity. Even if only one link in the production chain fails, it is liable to cause a backup that sends ripples throughout the entire organization. By the time you locate an emergency service provider and find a spot on their schedule, your customers will be left waiting and won’t be happy with “PC problems” as an excuse.

It’s impossible to be an expert in every area

Almost every business relies on a variety of different IT systems, each with their own unique quirks and vulnerabilities. Even if you have the resources to employ a full-time IT department, it’s extremely difficult for anyone to have a knowledge base that will prepare them for every possible emergency scenario across all of your diverse systems.

Your time is too valuable for the constant work of hardware maintenance

Maintaining your hardware ecosystem requires a serious investment in time, and the time of you and your colleagues is one of the most important resources you have. In order to keep your operations running in peak condition, employees need to be allowed to focus on their core contributions to the company, rather than being saddled with the task of trying to correct printer or PC problems in a pinch.

You likely don’t have room in the budget for emergency maintenance costs

Operating your IT infrastructure without a service agreement is akin to living without health insurance. Sure, it’s possible that nothing will go wrong and you can save a little money on premiums, but if an emergency does occur, it will take a serious bite out of your budget. Cash flows are already tight for most organizations, and it’s no time to risk a serious financial setback.

A contract maintenance agreement can help you stay prepared for inevitable issues

By signing a contract maintenance agreement for your printer and PC needs, you’ll have access to a reliable team of experts who know your hardware inside and out, so they’ll be able to get you back on track efficiently. You’ll also know how much you are spending each month on maintenance costs, eliminating surprise emergency surcharges and extra fees.

Are your printers out of commission all too often due to supplies or repairs? Are you dealing with a shrinking IT budget? If so, managed print may be for you. At Great Lakes Computer, we examine your current reproduction needs, streamline your work flow, and work to minimize printing costs. To learn more, download our free managed print brochure.

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