Printer repairShould you keep repairing your printer, paying a little at a time? Or is it time to purchase a newer model?

That’s hard to figure out on your own if you’re not an experienced IT pro. But if you do use the professionals, here’s what they look at to decide if it’s time for a new printer:

    1. Inkjets: print quality drastically reduced. Inkjets are cheaper printers, so they’re easier to replace. If you notice a huge drop in print quality, that’s a good time to consider replacing one.
    2. Inkjets: blotches of ink appear on your paper. This is a sign that parts of the rollers are breaking off. It’s also a good time to buy a new inkjet printer.
    3. Laser printers: when the fuser unit dies. You’ll get an error message that says “reseat fuser” when this part of your printer goes. Laser printers are more expensive to repair and replace than inkjets. But if the fuser goes, it’s so costly to replace that you might as well get a new printer.
    4. Does the printing technology meet your needs? You might have an old printer, but if it prints the pages per minute you need, there’s no sense in replacing it. You might also replace yours if you need one that also scans and copies.
    5. If you have low-capacity ink cartridges. For many printers, the bulk of the cost is found in the ink. Your ink cartridge should have at least a 250-page yield. For toner, that should be 2,000 pages or more.
    6. If you have a Wi-Fi printer. The convenience of Wi-Fi, when it works, is unmatched. Make sure you have yours as close as possible to your router for the best speeds. If you have lots of problems printing to a wireless printer, it may be better to get one with a wired Ethernet connection.
    7. If your printer is 5-6 years old and needs repairing… You’re just as well off buying a new one. Technology makes new printers obsolete so fast that if you absolutely have to repair your printer to get it working again, it makes more sense to just buy a new one. Printers are built more to be cost-effective up-front than anything else.

If you’re having printer problems, it’s always wise to consider the cost of a printer repair  versus the purchase of a new one. In most cases, you’re best off buying a new one.

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