printer_maintenanceThis is a guest blog from our friends and fellow bloggers at Market Point

When it comes to protecting the investment in your printer fleet and safe-guarding the reliable printer performance your business depends on, the importance of routine printer maintenance cannot be overstated. Poor print quality and printer downtime negatively affects your users and your budget, from lost productivity and frustration, to reprinting costs that can really add up in terms of wasted resources (think toner & paper).

Routine printer maintenance is just like your car’s 3500 mile oil change. Like your car, your printer needs routine maintenance to reduce the risk of a breakdown. A good rule of thumb – install a genuine maintenance kit and fuser with every 6th toner replacement for optimal performance.

Routine preventive maintenance for your printers is very cost effective and:

    • ensures optimum performance of your printers
    • extends the useable life of your printers
    • reduces printer downtime
    • maintains and improves print quality

What is a Maintenance Kit?
The components of a maintenance kit vary from printer to printer, and from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, in general, a printer maintenance kit will include:

What does replacement of a Maintenance Kit entail?

    • Replacing the parts listed
    • Clean-up of toner and paper dust
    • Inspection of other high wear items

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Printer Repair and Maintenance from Great Lakes Computer

For over 25 years, the team at Great Lakes Computer has worked with small, mid-sized and large businesses located throughout the country to reduce the cost of computer maintenance and printer repair.  We repair large and small printers and plotters through on-site service or through a “ship-in” depot printer repair service for the smaller more portable devices, including laser printer repair.  Our technicians have extensive printer repair experience and we carry a large inventory of spare parts, offering IT service levels up to 24/7.  IF IT PRINTS… WE CAN FIX IT!

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