Network SecurityIn our fast-paced technological world, updates are a necessary evil. They take up time, and sometimes they can change things we like, or change the way our apps work. Those can all lead to frustration. Does that mean we should just keep ignoring update requests? Absolutely not!

Developers make these updates to improve performance and network security of the apps we use every day. There may be a learning curve, and sometimes they mess up, but updating is in your best interest. Here are 3 reasons why from

1. Closing security holes.

Cyber criminals are always looking for vulnerabilities, and such vulnerabilities are a lot more common in older browsers. Fortunately, when manufacturers provide updates to their software, security holes are often first to be fixed. But unless you’re using a browser that’s still supported by the manufacturer, you’re not going to get these updates. For example, any version of Internet Explorer before version 11 is no longer on Microsoft’s list of priorities. Check with the manufacturer to make sure the software you’re using is still supported.

2. More consistent browsing.

Many older browsers just aren’t capable of viewing web content in the latest digital format. If your business has a website, you want to make sure the way it looks to you is the way it looks to everyone else. Updating your browser puts you on the same page as many of your potential customers.

3. A better internet experience.

There are many improvements made to the web-browsing experience every year. Companies like Google and Apple release new tools, features and extensions all with the intention of making web browsing better. Do you use a lot of passwords? Use a keychain tool that safely stores login information. Are you a Google services user? Google Chrome will help you maintain a cohesive experience across applications. Keep your browser up-to-date, and the internet is your oyster!

If you’ve been ignoring those update requests, take a minute and run the update. If you think your network security may already be compromised, then call the security experts at Great Lakes Computer to learn about the award winning anti-malware software we offer.

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