Counting the costs of your printing

true cost of printerHave you ever stopped to wonder what the true cost of your current printing solution could be? A new survey carried out by the technology and research company Gartner suggests that most companies are spending around 3% of their total annual costs on their printing system. This figure includes maintenance and supplies, as well as general upkeep.

The alternative is to find a managed print services provider. For a set monthly premium you have the benefit of knowing the documents you need are always in the right place at the right time. Moreover, there are no last minute delays caused by needing a technician for low supplies of toner, and it is also far easier to budget effectively when you cut out unforeseen costs, like repairs and replacements.

Information gathered by global intelligence analysts IDC revealed that a managed print services operation can save businesses in the region of 28% on their printing budget. Finding a service that suits your exact needs is probably far easier than you think.  Many companies work on a CPC or cost per copy basis, so you only pay for the copies you need. Plus, your provider will give you a helpline number to call for support, so you get any issues that do arise addressed immediately, eliminating downtime.

The process often starts with a piece of software known as a data collection agent, or DCA, once installed, it runs harmlessly alongside your existing programs. It tracks the printing habits of your business and highlights problem areas fast, providing an intelligent and accurate response to your printing needs.  Whatever method the MPS provider is using, the cost savings are rapidly apparent.

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