managed IT service providerWhile there is no crystal ball we can find that can accurately predict the future, we’ve learned enough in 2017 to know what we can expect in 2018. Here we review some trends and issues we expect to arise for businesses and their Managed IT Service Providers.

  1. Cyber Attack Battlefront Moves to the SMBs

    The breaches you read about in the headlines are always big enterprises with deep pockets, and it makes sense that they are the high-value targets. However, data security budgets and capabilities are stronger within these larger organizations, and attackers are looking for back doors with less security. The way into these giants is through their smaller vendor – SMBs that provide services and potentially have access to the larger operation’s data. SMBs are more likely to have lesser security measures and therefor are an easier target for attackers. MSPs need to be able to provide SMBs with the tools needed to protect themselves at an enterprise level, for an SMB budget.

  2. Increased Acquisitions of Smaller MSPs

    There has been a rising number of M&A’s in the Managed Services sector in the past year. “Big Box” service providers are moving into the U.S. market and are absorbing smaller local branches. The concern for customers will certainly be whether they can expect the same level of service they currently get from local players. This will be a time for the regional providers to step up and show they can compete. Cloud delivery of as-a-Service applications will help level the playing field, allowing competition to be based on service, not services.

  3. Cyber Security and Data Security Become the Same

    There was a time when you could distinguish between risks to your data and cybersecurity, but that time has passed. The two are now part of the same conversation, and are so integrated that you can’t discuss one without the other. The necessary protections will be the same: Disaster Recovery, Antivirus/Antimalware, and robust Backup and Recovery.

  4. The Cloud, IoT, and AI Must Be Adapted

    We are reaching mass cloud adoption, and MSPs need to be able to provide services that can be delivered as-a-Service. They also need to be prepared for the early adopters of the IoT and AI. These are powerful tools that we are only beginning to harness to enhance business productivity. The best service providers will be able to guide businesses in integrating these technologies effectively, or partner with experts in the industry to ensure their customers have the option.

  5. Security Outsourcing Will See Major Growth

    In a recent SolarWinds MSP survey, 60 percent of enterprise and small-to medium-size enterprise respondents reported they are handling security internally – in whole or in part – but more than 80 percent of them are planning to switch to an outsourcing model in the next 12 months. Roughly half are switching because internal resources have proven too expensive, creating a key opportunity for cost-effective service providers.

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