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thermal printer repair

Thermal / Thermal Transfer Printer Sales

Thermal /TTR Printers are leading the growth of print in areas such as manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors, mainly for labels, barcodes, and tags of all types. The healthcare industry, an industry that will only continue to grow as populations increase and people are living longer, have also found that thermal printers are a great way to keep patient records organized and important information up to date.

Thermal Printer Repair Service – If it prints, we fix it!

With the increased use of on demand printers across multiple industries, the demand for reliable thermal printer repair and maintenance is also increasing.  Great Lakes Computer has the expertise on hand to be your go-to thermal  printer repair company.  We offer multiple levels of service options, from hourly time and materials, to contracted maintenance and repair agreements, and are now proud to add on demand printers to our Managed Print Services Program.

Thermal Printer Supplies

We are equipped to deliver the thermal printer supplies you need in order to ensure your production isn’t delayed because your last ribbon just ran out on your label printers.  We have supplies on hand for all major brands, including Zebra, Intermec, Sato, DataMax and more.

Additionally, to ensure maintenance and supplies are never an issue, our Managed Print Services program is also available for thermal printers!

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