POS system repairThere have been plenty of blockbuster movies that have shown us what the future of retail shopping could look like. In the Minority Report, eye scanners identified customers walking through the door and projected holograms of sales catered to the shopper. In Wall-E, shoppers never have to leave their hover chairs as they simply request the service or product they want and a robot brings it right to them. While some of these technologies are closer than others, the ultimate goal they convey is the same – we can use mobile technology to make the customer experience a seamless one.

Point-of-Sale systems (POS) have come a long way from the days of the first electronic cash registers. The original purpose was to process payment transactions, that’s it. Now there are POS systems available that essentially act as the brain of your business. They track inventory, monitor staff activity, backup your data to the cloud, and generate reports that lead to you running a leaner business. They can be built to provide customers and staff with information right on the sales floor via touchscreen kiosks and mobile units.

Here is what we can look forward to in the future:

“A truly seamless in-store experience will feature mobile technology at virtually every stage of the shopping journey. Geofences will give consumers access to exclusive in-store experiences within a retailer’s mobile app, and beacons placed throughout the store can trigger specific actions or content displayed through that app based on a consumer’s location in a store.

Stores can update and coordinate digital signage through mobile management services while creating new experiences through the use of smart mirrors and other futuristic retail technologies that are quickly entering the mainstream.

Increasingly, brick-and-mortar retailers are putting mobile technology into the hands of their workers. According to Retail Dive, 89 percent of retailers intend to arm in-store employees with mobile technology within the next three years. The goal is to make these employees more productive, valued resources for shoppers who need assistance.

With mobile technology in the hands of every worker, retailers can embrace a clienteling approach to customer service that uses mobile technology to pull up customer shopping profiles, check inventory both in-store and at nearby store locations, make product recommendations and many other services that expedite and improve the in-store shopping experience.” (MobileBusinessInsights.com)

POS systems are enabling brick and mortar retailers to provide the same information-centered sales experience an online retailer can. This is a great way to bring some of that business lost to internet shopping back in through the door. Regardless of who is doing the selling, customers will continue to benefit from a more tailored, seamless experience.

Great Lakes Computer can ensure your POS System gets the job done.

No matter how old-school or advanced your POS system is, Great Lakes Computer Corporation has the expertise to repair and maintain it. Great Lakes Computer ensures peace of mind with POS Systems uptime through our specialized on-site POS repair services. We fix the problem the first time and avoid costly interruptions to your business. We carry on-site spares to secure a quick and cost-effective response to your POS Systems repair needs. Our POS Depot Repair Services will provide you with a substitute POS System to keep you going while your POS equipment undergoes repair.

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