Cost Savings of IT OutsourcingYou don’t have to be a technological genius to keep your maintenance costs down.  That helps, but there are some simple things you can do to reduce the frequency your computer needs to be repaired:

    1. Use Antivirus: Antivirus isn’t foolproof, but it helps prevent many catastrophic problems from occurring.  And, it can be incredibly difficult and expensive to recover from the devastating effects of some viruses.  Make sure all your PCs are protected by antivirus software and that your employees receive regular training on how to protect your computers and network from them.
    2. Keep a PC about 4 Years: After a computer turns four years old, it becomes more expensive to maintain it than it would be to simply purchase a new computer.  If you have computers older than four years, you also have to factor in your staff lose around 20-30 hours of productivity because of these maintenance issues.  Around this timeframe, it’s time to start considering the replacement of your computers.
    3. Move What You Can to Cloud: If you can execute some applications from the cloud, that’s generally better for your business, financially speaking.  You don’t have to pay staff to maintain what’s run from the cloud.  And if something on the cloud breaks down, it’s the service provider’s responsibility to repair, not yours.  If you do get cloud-based services, just make sure you read the contract carefully so you know the exact costs.

Why Outsourced Computer Repair Makes Better Sense

Because many repair jobs are smaller ones, some companies have an easier time justifying higher costs.  Another option you have is to outsource all your computer and network maintenance needs to a third party.

That way, you always know you have your needs covered and that you’re getting the same, or even better, service than the original manufacturer.  An outsourced option can also design a contract custom to your needs, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for your desired level of service.

If you follow these tips, you’ll find your computing costs much lower now and for the long haul.  Enjoy, and think about what your business could do with the freed-up cash!

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