MPS Providers more financially beneficial in terms of TCO

Managed print servicesWhether your business houses just a couple of printers, or an entire roomful, it’s likely that the running costs are a drain on your resources that you’d rather avoid.  When you take the time to add up exactly what you are spending in terms of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), it’s likely that you’ll find a managed print services provider to be a more financially beneficial option.

When it comes to working out the TCO of a printer, you’ll need to factor in not just the cost of each machine, but also the cost per page, its dependability and maintenance charges.  A printer is one of the most high-maintenance of all computing devices, as it has so much mechanical action going on under the lid.  Certain components, such as the transfer belt, are expected to produce a specific volume of work before needing to be replaced, while others will become worn in a less predictable fashion, due to everyday wear and tear.

A second factor to consider is the working practice of your end users; are they mindful of which device to use, or are they inclined to use printers in error?  Staff cannot be expected to get it right every time, but sending documents to the wrong machine wastes time as well as resources.  Moreover, printers that are ill equipped to cope with a high demand may require higher levels of paper and ink to cope.

Reduce print costs by 30%

The president of the outsourcing company eMazzanti Technologies, Jennifer Mazzanti, explains that: “With managed print services, a company may be able to reduce print and supply costs by as much as 30 percent while improving the company’s document production capabilities.”  When you consider the associated costs, outsourcing your printing needs may be a sensible way of streamlining and optimizing your print output.

How much are you truly spending on print costs?

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