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State of Ohio – Cities, Counties, Local Governments IT Services

With over three decades of experience in Cleveland OH, Great Lakes Computer offers unparalleled, nationwide IT support for the manufacturing industry. Our services are scalable from the small, local manufacturer, to the large, corporate manufacturing business. With our help you’ll be able to keep the machines functioning that keep your machines functioning.

  • State of Ohio Pre-Approved Registered Vendor

  • State Term / Master Maintenance Agreement (MMA)

  • Contract number MMA7548

Great Lakes Computer has a “State Term / Master Maintenance Agreement (MMA)” with the State of Ohio. Our contract covers the hardware maintenance and repair of ALL types of printers, servers, laptops and other IT equipment.

This means that GLC is a “Pre-approved” registered vendor with the State of Ohio. There are no lengthy contracts or approvals required. A simple equipment list is all we need to get started.

Our contract number is MMA7548.

For government purchasers in Ohio counties and cities, the Master Maintenance Agreement provides a “pre-negotiated” contract so NO legal review is required because there is NO contract to sign. Agencies can be assured of the company’s approved business practices.

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If you prefer, you can give us a call to discuss your needs at: 440-937-1100