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June 5th, 3:00 PMEST: This free, 60 minute webinar shows you how to integrate IT facilities and management for a sustainable, optimized & managed data center.

For years, data center professionals have debated strategies to provide a common program between facilities and IT. As data centers become more complex and increasingly resource-intensive, the need for systems to provide shared visibility will become vital to successful operations.

This upcoming webinar discusses the different types of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and facility management (DCFM) tools available today, as well as introduces best practices in integrating these systems for a multifaceted view of all data center mission-critical systems

Featured Speakers
Kevin Brown
Vice President, Global Data Center Offer
Schneider Electric

Aaron Goldberg

a Ziff Davis Digital Event

This is not an event sponsored by Great Lakes Computer Corp., but one in which we believe you will find value in attending.
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