3 Step Human Firewall by Great Lakes

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90% of Security Breaches are Inadvertent, Unintentional, & Caused by Human Error

Anti-malware products are a basic defense against fast-growing cyber threats  BUT… trained and aware employees are absolutely critical to securing your organization.

 The global cost of data breaches will surpass $2 trillion. Ransomware is on the rise, and the average cost of downtime due to a ransomware attack is $46,000. The most secure companies make their employees the front line of cyber defense. They build a HUMAN FIREWALL of trained and aware employees.

For less than the cost of a business lunch each month, you can equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves – and your business – from criminal elements.

We’ve partnered with ID Agent by Kaseya to bring you this powerful three step process to help protect your business from HUMAN ERROR.

I want a Human Firewall

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Step 1: Detect

We’ll conduct a DARK WEB SCAN against your domain.

Employees often use the same password for multiple services on the web, such as CRM, e-commerce sites, and social media. Proactive monitoring for stolen and compromised employee data on the dark web allows us to detect when a problem arises.

What is DARK WEB ID?

The Dark Web is a network of websites, forums, and communication tools like email. Users are required to run a suite of security tools that help anonymize web traffic. The Dark Web is used for both nefarious and reputable purposes. Criminals exploit the network’s anonymity to sell guns, drugs, and humans, while organizations like the UN and Facebook use encryption to protect dissidents in oppressive countries.

We give small businesses the same visibility into their exposed credentials – emails, passwords, etc. – on the dark web as an enterprise-sized entity or large corporation. Then we help you address the vulnerabilities.


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Step 2: Phish

We’ll schedule customized phishing email campaigns to your employees. Our test emails are updated to reflect the latest phishing traps. Research shows the 27% of employees are phish-prone. You need to know who those employees are ASAP.

Great Lakes can build, import, and edit groups of the “target” employees to be included in your phishing simulation and training campaigns. We can import multiple groups in one organization, to send different campaigns and messaging based on the audience, and we can stagger the send so your team can’t warn each other when they get caught.

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Step 3: Train

Once a learning gap is detected, we’ll deliver interactive educational videos to the most susceptible users. Great Lakes and ID Agent provide easy-to-understand, short and visually engaging training videos with an online quiz to verify the employee’s retention of the training content.

The online quiz ensures that the employee understood and retained the training content. Training can be delivered regularly to reinforce the importance of every employees role in protecting your business!

Why did we choose ID Agent by Kaseya?

We have worked with Kaseya since our earliest years. We know firsthand that they design security measures that work. ID Agent provides a comprehensive set of threat intelligence and security training solutions to private and public-sector organizations and to millions of individuals impacted by cyber incidents. The company’s flagship product, Dark Web ID, delivers Dark Web intelligence to identify, analyze and monitor for compromised or stolen employee and customer data, mitigating exposure to clients’ most valuable asset – their digital identity.

From monitoring your organization’s domain for compromised credentials to deploying anti-phishing and security awareness training programs to protect the employees and customers you serve – ID Agent has the solution.