Make Sure your Backup Game Plan is Set!

Data ProtectionOne of the things that make a disaster so catastrophic is the lack of notice before it occurs. If a server fails catastrophically and its data becomes unreadable, it is unlikely to send out a reminder before data is lost into the abyss. For these reasons, ensuring that data is backed up regularly should be a top priority in businesses.

Whether affected by a natural disaster or something manmade, the results can be equally damaging if swathes of company data are lost. Large companies will probably be able to survive such a catastrophic loss of data but probably not without taking a hit on status and profits. According to industry analysts, around 50 percent of smaller organizations would not survive a catastrophic loss of data.

It is no surprise that data protection systems are increasingly important to businesses. But it is vital to not just assume that everything is fine when a backup system is in place. Around a third of companies never check their backups. It is vital to ensure that backing up data is carried out accurately, otherwise it becomes worthless. Around 77 percent of companies who have tested the accuracy of their backups have noticed errors. Thankfully, these errors were spotted before the backed-up data was required.

It is a good idea to have more than one backup in place. If the backup is backed up, it affords an extra layer of protection for data. Similarly, users in a business can follow some hints and tips to help ensure the systems work effectively.

If any weird noises are heard from a hard drive, the computer should be shut down immediately. Attempting to power up a computer with a faulty hard drive can lead to data being destroyed, potentially irreparably. The machine should be left alone and technical support called in.

It’s HalfTime – A good time for a Full System Audit!

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