Protecting your SMB from the threat of cyber exposure

Cyber Security TargetEven if you have a current anti-virus and antimalware solution, your company could still be at risk of cyber fraud.  Just ask some of the big box retailers!  Unfortunately, online crime is not going away any time soon, in fact, if this past holiday’s recent events is any indication, it is a growth industry.

Often, small- or medium-sized companies may be failing to protect their data and resources in the most basic of ways.  Firstly, in order to have a solid foundation for any antimalware installed on your system, it is vital that members of staff are trained to oversee the software adequately and that they ensure it is functioning correctly.  Give extra training so that each individual feels confident in their cyber-security knowledge and acts upon it, by not opening attachments or installing unauthorized applications.

However, some companies simply do not have sufficient security applications to keep out particularly virulent Trojan Horse bugs, or other invasive malware.  Trojans should be considered one of the top threats to businesses, as they give an attacker power over the system they have breached.

Once on the inside, a criminal may leave a piece of keyboard monitoring software.  This records every action that a user inputs, including password details.  The implications for the theft of personal data and banking fraud would be of great concern to any company, but Trojans are notoriously difficult to identify and frequently operate undetected for extended periods of time.

Coupled with these primary issues, IT managers may be unaware of how sophisticated some viruses have become and the pro-active services needed to contain them.  The issue of crimeware is especially worrying; this is a readily available online resource for would-be hackers.  It enables even a novice to perform a number of harmful operations inside a computing system.

To keep your business and its information secure, consult with a provider, such as Great Lakes Computer, about computer protection before you buy.  In order to maximize your chances of staying protected, choose a security package that covers your company’s individual vulnerabilities.

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