Is cloud computing right for your business?

Cloud ComputingIn recent years, the move from traditional IT networks to a system where applications and files are stored in the cloud has been rapid.  When considering a move to such a system, it is wise to consider a range of factors such as cost, storage and security.

Cloud IT solutions are ideal for businesses with a mobile workforce, or where collaborative work on documents needs to take place over more than one site, perhaps nationally, or even globally.  Where traditional networking hampers the field sales rep, who would need to download all relevant documents to their laptop prior to setting off, using the cloud enables them to access all necessary files as and when they are required.

Dependent on the circumstances associated with a business, converting to a cloud-based system could be a money saver.  Given that documents will be accessed from an internet server, bandwidth will need to be increased, especially in organizations that carry out a great deal of collaborative work.  Savings could be made in server maintenance costs, as the network is hosted by an external provider, coupled with increased productivity given that workers would be able to access vital documents from any computer.

In organizations where vast numbers of data are generated, and hard drive space is always at a premium, cloud-based systems can offer the incentive of virtually limited storage space.  Whether utilizing object storage, where relevant files can be accessed individually, or block storage, which suits organizations requiring random access to smaller chunks of data such as entries in a database, cloud storage can provide a storage system to suit the business needs.

Security is an issue that is never too far away from the minds of an IT professional.  Cloud computing security is as important as it is on a traditional network, but thankfully it is just as straightforward.  Encryption protected, data is as safe as it would be on a traditional business network, and using a private cloud-based system, encryption, anti-virus and other issues will be specified by the organization.

Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

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