managed it servicesIf you run a business, you probably use some variation of IT hardware to do it. To keep that equipment running smoothly, you’ll run across the need for maintenance, which can come in a couple forms. Managed IT Service contracts are proactive and include ongoing maintenance, monitoring and support, while the break fix model is reactive and based on the immediate needs of your business. There are advantages to both service options. Below are important details about each type of service to help you decide what’s right for you.

Managed IT Services

Outsourcing a portion, or all of your IT function, to a third-party service provider for a monthly fee comes with benefits and some detractors. The price will vary by an organization’s needs and the scope of support you receive is customizable. Whether you need help desk services or outsourced server support, you can get what you need without having to make large capital expenditures or add to your payroll. Also, the preventative maintenance and troubleshooting that comes with regular service can help prevent large system repairs and hardware replacement in the future.

The main detractor associated with managed services is that you are obligated to pay the monthly fee, regardless if you utilize the contracted services or not. Your staff may not need support every month, presenting you with an unneeded expense.  

Major advantages of managed services:

  • Leverage the skills of IT professionals without adding to payroll
  • Catch small technical issues before they become large and costly to fix
  • Reduce downtime and waste associated with broken IT hardware
  • Improve the functionality of computer applications and processing speeds

Break Fix Services

The break fix model involves paying for IT services only when you place a service request. You are not locked into paying a monthly fee, and you have the freedom to pick and choose when you need maintenance. These contracts can also be offered in block time packages. While this type of service frees up cash flow, you do lose the benefits of regular preventative maintenance. If you have a small IT department and simple infrastructure, this service option may work for you.

Major benefits of break fix services:

  • No monthly fee or commitment to purchase IT support
  • Freedom to select IT service provider given the situation
  • Reallocate monthly IT costs to other operational departments

Service Selection

Selecting the right IT maintenance strategy and support structure should be done at the enterprise level, giving your organization the best cost to benefit ratio possible. We have experience designing support packages to meet clients’ needs in a cost-effective and comprehensive manner, taking the guesswork out of optimizing your IT function. We work closely clients to walk through the selection process.

To learn more about maintaining your IT infrastructure and service options, please contact us today. Your IT hardware and applications form the backbone of your business and play a large role in driving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. We can help you pick the service option that makes sense for you.