CloudIn the beginning of any major technology introduction, there are always plenty of hiccups. The first on board, the early adopters, tend to help weed out the kinks. As the mass market adopts the technology, they feel a greater comfort that there will be less bumps in the road. Cloud computing is proving to be an exception.

It’s been over a decade since cloud computing became widely accessible, but many are still afraid to adopt due to cloud security concerns. But, the cloud is here and you need to get on board. DarkReading tells us more.

It’s time businesses are honest with themselves about in-house capabilities before dismissing security in the cloud. Traditional enterprise security is based on perimeter controls — a model that was designed for a world where all data, users, devices, and applications operated within the perimeter and within the security controls. But as today’s users blur the lines between activity inside and outside the perimeter, that model falls short because the perimeter is too big. I’d even say that in any mid- to large-size enterprise, there are more devices, users, and entry/exit points than the company knows about.

Your Business Already Relies on the Cloud

What kinds of companies are leveraging the cloud today? Yours, for one. Even if you don’t officially sanction any cloud services or applications, your employees are using them. So are your customers, suppliers, and business partners. Services that support file sharing, online collaboration, storage, and other daily activities are all hosted in the cloud. There’s no getting around the fact that data is already being generated and shared there; business transactions are also happening and new business models are emerging.

The Cloud Makes You More Secure

Once you get past the initial holdups, the cloud opens a massive opportunity to keep your users, applications, and data safe, thanks to the benefits of shared threat protection. You will need to hire talent that eats, sleeps, and breathes cloud to supplement your current workforce, but you will no longer be locked in competition for infrastructure, networking, and security talent with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, or Google.

If you’re ready to start your shift to the cloud, Great Lakes Computer can help. You can move some or all of your operations to the cloud, based on your level of readiness. Let us help you find the cloud solution that works for your business and your peace of mind.

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