7 Expert Tips on VMware Backup

7 Expert Tips on VMware Backup resized 600

At small companies or in brand-new virtual infrastructures, backup appears easy. You may be able to use a free tool that came with your hypervisor that makes VMware backup deceivingly simple. However, over time, your infrastructure will grow, the virtual machine quantities will grow, and so will the virtual disk files. At some point, usage of the virtual infrastructure will increase and the interdependence of the virtual machines will become more complex. As this happens, you’ll find what other virtualization experts have already figured out – virtualization backup can be much more complex than it seems and you need the right tool for the job. Written by David Davis, VMware vExpert.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to save time, prevent data-loss, and create a bulletproof VMware backup infrastructure by employing the 7 valuable VMware infrastructure backup tips from virtualization backup experts.

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