remote server monitoringAs your business grows, it becomes harder to stay involved and active in every aspect of your operations. The functions that generate the most income will get the most attention. Unfortunately, if you neglect to monitor certain aspects of your business, like your server and network performance, they can fail unexpectedly and drain that income. Remote server monitoring is a smart way to mitigate the costly risks of downtime. Here are the four biggest benefits you can gain from monitoring:

1.    Prevents small issues from becoming larger ones. When the automated software utilized with remote server monitoring detects any required updates, backups, irregularities and/or failures on your server, automated scripts immediately get to work to initiate the required action which may include correcting common problems or errors remotely. Simple fixes of this nature help prevent larger issues from developing and require no help from your IT personnel.

2.    Advance warning regarding necessary hardware upgrades. Eventually there comes a time when all hardware will need to be upgraded, but advance warning can mean the difference between unplanned downtime and a seamless server experience. Remote monitoring lets you know when processor usage is on the rise, when your hard disk space is running low and more.

3.    Increased security. Continuous monitoring of your system’s firewall and immediate installation of important security patches significantly reduces the chances of your system going down as a result of hackers. Spam relay attempts will also be reduced, freeing up the capacity of your server for the work you intended it to complete. Reduced down time translates into happier clients.

4.    Increased productivity of your IT employees. From the quick initial setup and beyond, your IT professionals will appreciate the extra time gained by not having to deal with simple fixes that can be completed remotely, or crisis situations that come up when servers are not monitored continuously. When the automated software does detect an issue that requires attention, notifications will be immediately sent to the designated person at your company or to the company providing the monitoring service, depending on your preference.

The key to outsourcing your business operations is finding an experience partner you can trust to care for your business as much as you do. Great Lakes Computer can be that partner. We are a Managed Service Provider and can help you with server monitoring, managed print programs, cloud computing, security, as well as maintenance and repair for all of your IT. Contact us today to learn more.