When it comes to computer technology, it’s important for
business owners to stay on top of the trends—ahead even. Not only to make sure
they’ve updated their software and replaced equipment with the latest releases,
but to keep an eye on the bigger technology evolutions ahead to avoid being
left behind. As we begin a new decade, here are some upcoming trends to keep an
eye on.

Artificial Intelligence

In many cases, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can mimic human thinking, performing tasks more efficiently and quickly than humans. Therefore, more and more businesses are turning to AI to help with engaging customers, boosting productivity and promoting conversions. However, multiple challenges remain with this technology, such as data security, facial recognition errors and over-personalization.

While AI may seem cost prohibitive to smaller organizations,
AI as a Service (AlaaS) is growing in popularity and will make big data
analytics accessible to companies of all sizes.

All-In-One Package

It’s always hard for businesses to accept technology change,
so by just adding an app here or one new program there, work continues with
little disruption. However, with this kind of diversity, it opens businesses up
to cybersecurity issues and less-streamlined work. That’s where the package
comes in. It’s predicted
that businesses will turn to a package offer, where all of a company’s
technology and programs are integrated together, creating a more simple, easy
to use system, all concerns and issues addressed by the package source.


Though this is not a new trend, the pressure continues for business
owners to implement more automation into their daily tasks. The use of
automation can help save businesses time and money, helping with accounting,
marketing, customer service and data management tasks. Many business apps are
offering increased automation options that are being driven by the AI trend we
just touched on.

Increase Computing Speed (5G)

In addition to daily tasks, the need for speed continues to
be on high demand for businesses in terms of computing speed as well. With the
arrival of 5G in 2019, this faster, higher performance technology offers the
ability to be wire free. With it also comes the evolutions of the Internet of
Things, driverless vehicles, and cloud computing all the while lowering maintenance
costs and energy consumption. How quickly this evolution will happen is the
question mark.


Cyber breaches are a common occurrence in recent years and because
of that, many businesses consider it to be a low-priority matter. But with the
arrival of 5G and other new technology, it means the risk is higher and
protecting your data should be even more important.

While we’re working faster, we’re more likely to slip up. As it stands, 90% of security breaches are inadvertent, unintentional, and caused by human error. We need to shift focus from our cybersecurity applications, and turn it to our people. To address this, Great Lakes Computer has introduced a comprehensive program designed to assess your exposure to risk on the Dark Web, test your staff for phishing vulnerability, and train to become a Human Firewall. Learn more by clicking below.