War against cyber attacks thunders on

Data SecurityAccording to research carried out by antivirus and antimalware experts Kaspersky, unfamiliar types of cyber attack are on the increase, with 200,000 now being reported on a daily basis, in comparison to just 25 per day in 1994.  The problem of safeguarding an IT system is now twofold; not only are the hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks, but conventional antivirus software is designed to look for known issues and can, therefore, miss the latest bugs.

Jeremiah Grossman works at WhiteHat Security, which is based in California.  He believes that in terms of online safety; “The cards are stacked in the bad guys’ favor.”  He explains that “Every couple of months you see there’s this major virus outbreak that everybody missed,” and most enterprise software is struggling to keep up.

The fact is that worldwide we are spending a fortune on services designed to protect us online, $8.4 billion this year alone, as reported by Gartner.  As Mr Grossman says: “people are paying more money to be less secure,” when it comes to their computer protection.

However, technology companies are continually working on behalf of their corporate clients to make the online world a safe place to do business.  They suggest using protection that wraps around your software in layers, allowing your IT department to monitor the operating system effectively.  Moreover, the latest antimalware is designed to watch for any inconsistencies and anomalies in a computerized network.  Activity that the program considers to be suspicious or unexpected is immediately frozen out.

Remember that a comprehensive approach is vital, so adopt a strategy that is observed by every employee.  At each level, staff should be aware of your business’s internet safety protocols so they avoid basic errors, such as clicking on random links and opening attachments from an unfamiliar source.  Computer protection and data security are vital requirements for every size of company and a multifaceted approach to online security will lessen the threat posed to both your software and sensitive information.

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