IT supportWe welcome back fellow Northeast Ohio blogger, Brett Harney, of Corporate Technologies Group, to share their whitepaper with our IT Support blog subscribers on ten and a half secrets you can use to reduce your technology costs when it comes to your network bandwidth and connections:

10.5 Secrets to Reduce Your Technology Costs

Posted on October 21,2014 Written by Brett Harney

Forrester Consulting conducted a survey regarding cutting IT budgets and how companies are operating with reduced IT spending, while still trying to maximize their network performance.  A few items they found:

  • 76% of companies are either concerned or very concerned about the rising pressure to reduce IT costs.
  • 72% of companies say they are either concerned or very concerned with reducing IT operational costs so they can invest more in products and services.
  • 40% of IT budgets nowadays are consumed by investments in infrastructure, making it difficult to find ways to save cash.
  • Despite pressure to keep costs low, 37% of IT decision-makers expect their budgets to remain the same during the next twelve months, while 43%  say that their spending will rise from between 5% to more than 10% in the next year.

With stagnant budgets and rising costs, the dilemma for companies is obviously focused on how to reduce IT spending so they can invest in new products and services, bringing more revenue at a greater profit margin.  And of course, nobody wants to impact quality of service their IT network delivers.  So how can this be accomplished?

Secrets to Reducing Technology Costs

We have the secrets to achieving better network and application performance on your IT network, while not breaking the bank. Smart businesses stretch every dollar to maximum capacity, and your technology services should be no exception. Yet navigating the world of technology providers and services can seem unreasonably daunting to many business owners and IT decision makers. There are multitudes of options, yet it’s hard to distinguish which options may be best for your business.

The purpose of this report is to reveal to you the secrets of maximizing your technology spend and to empower you to make the changes necessary to keep more of your profits in your business. We have carefully chosen these 10 ½ secrets to be the most impactful things you can do TODAY to make a major difference to your bottom line.

Download the Whitepaper HERE.

10.5 Secrets to Reduce Your Technology Costs